Center of excellence in research 483

Research topics and projects

Engineering design and system development
Lubricated friction systems with ceramic components: Continuosly variable transmission (CVT) and wet clutches  
Clutch systems with advanced ceramics under high load operating conditions  
Ceramic components for high-pressure gasoline direct injection 
Ceramic tools for metal working: rolls for wires 
Ontology based... 
Materials development and surface engineering
Development of sliding materials based on SiAlON 
Laser-assisted brazing and surface modification of ceramic components 
Surface texturing of ceramics and metals for media lubricated sliding systems 
Development of Si3N4 for ceramic rollers in metal working  
Characterization and Modelling
Oil lubricated ceramic/metal friction pairs 
Probabilistic tools for the reliability analysis of ceramic components under contact fatigue loading 
Fretting fatigue of ceramic materials 
Mechanical properties of ceramic materials at elevated temperatures 
Mechanism-based micromechanical simulation of crack propagation in in-situ-reinforced high performance ceramics 
Reliability analysis of ceramic components for temperature-dependent Weibull modulus 
Practical aspects of sialon ceramics 
Materials provision and quality assurance