Center of excellence in research 483

Subproject A1

Lubricated friction systems with ceramic components: Continuosly variable transmission (CVT) and wet clutches

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Albert Albers 
Institut für Produktentwicklung  
Karlsruher Institut für Technologie 


Teilbereich A1

Goal of the project A1 is to develop methods to support ceramic suitable design as well as validation of high loaded lubricated friction systems using a CVT and a lubricated multi-disc clutch system as examples. Based on experimental and theoretical results generalized knowledge is derived, which supports the engineer developing high loaded lubricated friction systems based on advanced ceramics.


Power density of lubricated multi-disc clutch systems is limited due to the transfer of heat generated during sliding operation. To improve heat transfer it is necessary to deepen the knowledge concerning oil distribution and oil flow within the tribological contact. Therefore the influence of surface texturing as well as the interaction with the systems design is important. For this reason experimental as well as simulation based investigations are carried out within the research project.