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Subproject B2













Laser-assisted brazing and surface modification of ceramic components

In view of the demonstrator system “dry running clutch” the subproject B2 develops the necessary laser induced joining technique for assuring high resistant ceramic-metal jonts and characterizing those in terms of mechanical, tribological and thermal-physical properties. The successful developed two-beam-technique is used for laser induced surface modification of Al2O3 in order to supply ceramic-metal joints with specific varying thermal conductivities in the tribological contact area.

In the previous sponsorship period 2006 to 2008 the scientific investigations of subproject B2 concerning the laser induced joining of ceramic-metal compounds were expanded and intensified above the originally intended amount. The adaption of the working schedule was defined in close agreement with the research work of subproject A2. In this process it became clear, that the mechanical and thermal highly stressed integration of the ceramic friction materials into the metal design surrounding can not be realized sufficiently by concepts on the basis of organic adhesives or form fit.  

At the same time the development of the two beam technique for laser induced surface modification of Al2O3 was successfully completed, so that this technology is available without any further development effort.